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For more than forty years, Australians have responded to the Life. Be in it. call for us all to find the ‘Place 2 Be’ to ‘Stay n’ Play’ and ‘Be more Active’.

An Unforgettable Message

Life. Be in it. is still one of the most widely recognised lifestyle messages. It promotes healthy active lifestyles by providing fun opportunities, choices, options and enjoyable programs across the nation.

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Why You Should Be
More Active

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Life. Be In It.

How We Began

Life. Be in it. began in 1975 with the Victorian government, the brainchild of Brian Dixon, former Australian Rules footballer and then Minister for Youth, Sport and Recreation. One of their early programs was to bring over Pat Farrington, a co-founder of the New Games initiative from California, supplying her with five vans and 25 volunteers to drive around rural townships in Victoria, teaching people how to play games.

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A Successful Campaign

The campaign was an enormous success in terms of recognition, by 1979 about 83% and by 1982 about 94% of all Australians regarded it as a ‘brand of quality’. Today recognition remains at approximately 85%.

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Going International

In 1977 the federal government expanded the program nationally. The campaign also aired in the United States on local television stations during the 1970s and 1980s.

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End of an Era

Federal funding ended in 1981, redirected towards elite programs. The program became an Australia company and continued for a time working with other groups like the National Heart Foundation of Australia before going into hibernation.

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Life. Be in it. Today

Today Life. Be in it. Australia is the DGR Charity authorised as a tax-deductible health promotion charity that conducts programs for everyone from toddlers taking part in ‘Family Fun Days’, to older children playing ‘Life Games’ to introducing ‘Loving Opera’ to seniors in nursing homes.

Our Mission

The Life. Be in it. mission was, and is, to reduce preventable chronic disease and get us to ‘Enjoy Life’ and ‘Be More Active’.

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